07 March 2013

Help out this Cycling Season

Just doing some counting and so far this year I've got 8 bike rides scheduled that I'm committed to work SAG on. They're posted on the calendar; feel free to take a look. There are also some other potential rides that I've yet to commit to. Some rides are large, some small. On some rides, I'm in charge of the SAG crew; on others I'm just one of the bunch. Either way, to all of my local cycling friends, as a heads up, I'll be asking for your help. I do it for you, but I can't do it alone.

If you've ever considered helping out at a cycling event: do it. Call it a rest day. Call it cross training. Call it making your cycling community better. Good rides become better when riders, who know what a good ride needs, help to organize those rides. Those riders are you. Help with the food or the rest stops. Help with course markings & route sheets. Help with registration. Help with SAG.

There can never be enough SAG.

If you've ever wanted to try SAG, let me know. Cycling experience is helpful, but not required. If you'd like to help out on a ride in a way other than SAG, contact the ride director. I can promise you they'd LOVE to hear from you. Their goal is to put on a good ride that riders will return to next year. That takes people.

That takes you.