When working as a SAG vehicle for any event or club ride, it is always important that the SAG and other support vehicles are marked.  The SAG vehicles need to be marked for three primary reasons: First, so the cyclists know you're there to help them. Second, so the local Law Enforcement (Police, CHP, County Sheriff, Forest Service Rangers, etc.) know that you're supposed to be on the course.  Third, so the Rest Stop volunteers and Radio Communication personnel know who you are when you pull in.

Signage for your vehicles can be found at the links below.  Please be aware that some of the signage is ride specific.  Some is generic.  They can be downloaded, printed, and should be attached to your vehicle on the day of the event while you are on the course.

Of the signs below, there are three that are SAG vehicle specific, and two which can be used by any vehicle working the event, including SAG vehicles.  The "SAG" signs should only be used by vehicle that are capable and/or prepared to stop and help a cyclist in need.  The additional "Event" & "Frequent Stops" signs can be used by vehicles that are working to transport supplies or maintaining the course.

All vehicles should have four signs; one on the front, back, and each side.

For cars, trucks & vans:
  • Front facing sign Lower passenger side windshield (allows cyclists to easily see it)
  • Rear facing sign  Lower driver side rear window (allows passing cars to easily see it)
  • Side facing signs Back rear side windows (allows everyone to easily see it)

For motorcycles:
  • Some motos have the ability to use four signs, with one on the windshield, saddlebags, and rear.  For those bikes lacking any plastic and/or other generally flat real-estate, get creative and do what you can, but get some sort of signage on your bike.

Of the three SAG signs, the small, 4"x5" signs (which print 4 on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper) are perfect for motorcycles.  The medium, 5"x8" signs (which print 2 on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper) are great for most cars & trucks.  The large, 8.5"x11" signs are usually used for really big trucks & vans (or if you just feel the need to compensate for something lacking).  For most vehicles, the medium sized signs will be fine.

The additional "Event" & "Frequent Stops" signs will print at 8.5"x11".


Climb to Kaiser specific signs